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Harness the power of your bodies pluripotent cells!

A new form of wearable wellness technology that can assist your body in healing itself with your bodies own light! Its non-addictive, non-transdermal, and is safe for just about everyone! It is med-bed tech that you can buy and use at your own discretion! This tech helps your body activate your pluripotent cells, which is the cell type that everything in your body comes from.  It does this by harnessing and directing your bodies light and sending it back into the body with specific frequencies to tell your cells "Lets go!" 
Tap into your own healing abilities and live your best life!
Either if your goal is to fix your body, weight loss, emotional and mental health, anti aging, natural pain relief, or preventative care, this is the place to get started! This tech is the real deal and there are case studies and user-testimonials to back it up!*
This tech works EXTREMELY well in tandem with my other services as wells as other wellness practices.
Before purchasing, be sure to go through whatever business or friend sent you.

If that is me, then click where it says "Purchase Link."
Ask me how to get wholesale pricing or get signed up as a seller for your healing practice as well. 
(I do earn a commission when I sell these products, so buying them here will help you and me.)


A "One-Stop Shop" for resources and making plans for success, including Podcasts and Zoom Call Info.

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Write me if you'd like help figuring out where to start or how to get wholesale pricing for yourself. Click on "Contact Me" to do so.


The video that got me started. Wellness Superheroes and Dame Lillian Walker: Cell Activation (Check out their other ground breaking videos on healing too!)

* LifeWave Disclaimer The statements on LifeWave products, websites or associated materials have not been evaluated by any regulatory authority and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. The content provided by Lifewave is presented in summary form, is general in nature, and is provided for informational purposes only. Do not disregard any medical advice you have received or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on our websites or associated materials. Please consult your own physician or appropriate health care provider about the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your own symptoms or medical conditions as these diseases commonly present with variable signs and symptoms. Always consult with your physician or other qualified health care provider before embarking on a new treatment, diet or fitness program. We assume no liability or responsibility for damage or injury to persons or property arising from any use of any product, information, idea, or instruction contained in the materials provided to you. LifeWave reserves the right to change or discontinue at any time any aspect or feature containing our information.

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