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To Schedule Your
Healing Time
(For yourself or your group)

Send in a request.


Be sure to tell me what session/s you are wanting to schedule, Dates and Times that work best for you, general location (Long- Distance, or address,) and if there will be more then one person wanting a session the same day. Also ask me any questions you have too! I have my own table, sheets, oils, and all of the other tools I need. If you want a massage but dont have room in your home, ask a friend. They might want a session too! I can do up to 5 one-hour massages in one day. You might be surprised at how fast that fills out when you ask around. :) Thank you so much, and I am eager to chat with you and help you get scheduled!

Request an Appointment
What are you wanting to schedule?

Thanks! I will respond to your message as soon as I can.

I normally respond within 24 hours.

Thank you for your patience.

It is worth it. 

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