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Like a chiropractor, without the limitations

Service Description

DNFC Directional Non-Force Chiropractic This is an energetic technique where I realign the muscles, bones, ligaments, or even the organs. This is safe for everyone and is highly effective no matter what a person is going through. This is can help from everything from digestive issues, general pain and discomfort to even pain caused by serious injuries. I have done this for people over seas, as well as in person. Distance does not matter. :) When I do this, it helps to know if there is a specific spot you want me to work on and what it’s pain level is 1-10. Also if anything caused it. 1 being little to no pain: 10 being at the max of your pain threshold. One payment can be for one full alignment (including the extremities,) or for a specialized area. These alignments take me a bit of time (and energy) as I go through each bone to see where it needs to be released and how. There are many methods I use for this. (PS: this is also great for pets!)

  • 20 minutes
  • 30 US dollars
  • Long distance

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact me 24 hours or earlier. After three no-shows I will ask for a downpayment at the time of scheduling. Thank you for scheduling with me.

Contact Details


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