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Timeline Soul-Retrieval

A simple and powerful way to reclaim yourself from the past.

Service Description

(Done remotely or in person) There are many situations in life that can literally shatter off pieces of the soul. This session is geared towards helping you trust your gut and learn how to safely find and reintegrate those pieces, literally becoming more of your authentic self. With this specific method, you can use it to heal yourself and reclaim your power from situations in your unique timeline. Past lives, different realms, planets, etc can be recalled BY YOU with this session! I have seen depression, physical/emotional trauma and pain, addictions, money issues, lack of self knowledge, unhealthy and self sabotaging patterns, and so much more be transformed permanently with this method. These sessions teach you and prepare you, so you can start doing this work for yourself too. It is recommended to have these sessions at least two or three times with someone experienced in this method before attempting doing it on your own. You can always do more sessions with someone like me after that. This is, in a sense, more of a course to learn a specific method of soul retrieval work instead of JUST a session. These sessions will consist of being led through the non-invasive, safe, and effective Timeline Soul- Retrieval as taught by Laura Lee Mistycah in her book "Kryahgenetics 2," as well as her, "Knights Training Course." (Both of which can be found on her website ) This website is where you can get this information as well so you can study it even further! I suggest this, as it can only help you! Getting an aulmauracite pendant and some rocks is also recommended. I myself have made huge progress with this, and that is the main reason why I want to share this. As with all healing, it is rarely ever a "One and done," but in the case of this method, one session can be life changing. Going through the steps to learn how to do it for yourself is even MORE so life changing! There is never any guarantee to what will happen during or after a session, but some things that are guaranteed is that you will start to feel more yourself, you will no longer be slave to your past, and you will recognize your ability to create a future full of well being and magick. These sessions are priced as the energy work sessions. Every half hour segment is $55. This session generally lasts about an hour but can go up to two. :)

  • 2 hr
  • $444
  • Customer's Place

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact me 24 hours or earlier. After three no-shows I will ask for a downpayment at the time of scheduling. Thank you for scheduling with me.

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