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Really Weird Shit On Steroids, With Laura Lee Mistycah

This picture above, (and the link below,) can take you to my YouTube channel where you will be able to watch the episodes of this thrilling series from oldest to newest. These shows are for teaching and giving examples of W.S. that Laura Lee and I see regularly. We talk about the power of true laughter, the Aulmauracite rocks, Secret Space Programs, True Magick, and many more amazing topics! Although it might seem like entertainment because of all of the laughter, (and how weird some of the stories are,) these videos are full of great intel and encouragement. There will hopefully be MANY more of these videos as time progresses. Take a seat, grab your popcorn and root beer (Like Laura Lee's guide Hal would do,) and enjoy the shows!

For more info on Laura Lee, purchase your own Aulmauracite Rocks, or some of her AMAZING books, check out her websites or click on the Kryahgenetics Badd Ass Egg above:

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