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Chakra Con (The secrets your Gurus will never tell you.)

What you read here might be uncomfortable. It might even be a slap in the face. However, read it and see if it feels True. My intent here is to share what I’ve been taught, and my views derived personally from experience. From my own life, as well as from what I’ve seen in others.

This post might make me sound crazy to those that this is new for, or to those who’ve been brainwashed to see otherwise. There is a part of me that is ambivalent to create this blog post because unless I did a full month long course (Or longer) on mind control and the bs we’ve been coerced into, I could never do this 100% justice. There are many factors connected to this, and this is bound to make some peoples undies tie up in a knot. If it does this to you really ask yourself “why.” I will do my best to cover this portion of the systems of control, and I will also link an article from my friend and mentor Laura Lee Mysticah on this topic I have here today, to help take it further. (*1)

Before we get to the juicy parts of this topic, let us go back in history a bit. It’s a rough pill to look at, even more difficult to swallow and digest so I’m just going to tear the bandaid off! Humans have been enslaved for thousands of years! Some of the old masters are taught to us in history books such as Kings, Queens, warlords, leaders/ dictators, Rulers, etc. Though there are many more that are not taught to us or are not taught as masters but as spiritual gurus or teachers! Truthfully, the list would be too long and take too long to research and teach in any setting. But if any of you wanted to take on this task, please do! :)

With that fact of long term control, many of the chains that bound those before us were handed down through the ages. Words and phrases, thought patterns, Ideologies, societal structures, work ethics, belief systems (what I call “BS,”) traumas. Even most long lasting “traditions” are twisted to support that enslavement. Some examples would be religions and their dogmas, various spiritual movements, cults, school systems, familial structures and patterns, our food, music (including not only modern music, but the music structures themselves that have been used for hundreds of years, sometimes longer, and music theory too,) and all forms of media. All of these had led to codependency, addictions, lack of health, lack of knowledge of ourselves and the world around us, needing someone else to save us; and all with the goal to disconnect us from our innate/ psi abilities. In essence this has all been done to get us to give away our minds, our power, and our free will. If we give away our minds, whoever has our minds can then claim any of our being as their property. All structures and systems here in this hologram have been used to keep people stuck as slaves. Creating energy so other beings can take it away. They keep us giving away our power, and doing so willingly because, “this is just how it is done and how it has always been done so why change it?“

For the sake of being thorough, we are not dealing with JUST human controllers here either. It is important to know that NONE of these beings want you to wake up and turn on your innate/ super- consciousness abilities. They like being on top and many of them can’t create or tap into creative energy on their own, so these systems are a win win for them. And their brainwashing is SO advanced that many would automatically poo-poo what I have said so far and call me names. They wouldn’t even be capable of entertaining the idea.

Many of the teachers, leaders, and entities that have done this to us will lie saying that they have good intentions. They will say that humans are not responsible enough to have all of their unique energy and powers. They will say that we would destroy ourselves. But the opposite is true. We are destroying ourselves and each other and our planet RIGHT NOW because we were never taught true knowledge. We don’t know OUR SELVES. How we tick, what makes us tick, what hurts us, what hurts others, basic psychology, anatomy, what ways foods are good or bad for us, how we effect all around us, and are effected by all around us, etc. These beings really just like the power game for one reason or another. Their reasons behind it might be slightly different from individual to individual. And what they tell us is rarely the truth, and the small parts that are true are twisted.

These beings (and their systems for ruling,) use close-enough truths mixed with blatant lies so they can fly under the radar. Otherwise people wouldn’t “eat them up” and blindly follow these systems. For these beings, their food source would be depleted if people didn’t believe these lies and deceptions. So they have learned how to make it colorful and palatable, or use fear and poisons if nothing else will work! They also tell people how they SHOULD feel! So by process of placebo, people start to believe what they are told and experience what they are told to. In most cases they are told a big lie over and over again until they believe it. Like that women’s periods are gross or bad, good food is too expensive or impossible to get, suffering is necessary, magick is inherently evil, and that the word “Occult” automatically means “Bad,” when it literally just means “Out of sight.” (That’s another tactic to keep people away from their power and the knowledge that can help him be free.) Power CAN be good or bad. It depends on what it is used for, how, and why! These are just SOME examples to help you start realizing how bad we have all been duped!

The most prevalent forms of enslavement that many aren’t even aware of is the Chakras, Kundalini, and Astral bodies. Everyone has them to one degree or another, but should they?

So what are these things? What is commonly taught about them throughout literature, history, and those who promote them? A short synapse:

~ Chakras are wheels of energy and generally speaking, most people have 7 that follow along the spine and some people have more than that. These wheels move our life force and spiritual energy through our physical body. They are based on the colors of the spectrum of light (that we can see,) and each of these wheels feed specific organs, and glands with life force energy. Blocks in the chakras are to be the thing to look for to find the source of various diseases and imbalances, as well as how to correct them. This could range from mental, to physical, to emotional imbalances. Traumas, beliefs, issues with attracting what one wants, etc. These, and more, are all impacted by the chakras. Chakras are like the world-tree Yggdrasil from Norse myths, (or the "tree of life" in Kabbalah,) connecting all of our worlds and giving us access to them. For healing and self awareness.

~ Kundalini is a system that helps one connect to the cosmos and awaken to our light bodies/ true-self. Reaching beyond the limitations of who we think we are into the grandness of “oneness.” One aspect of the Kundalini system is a set of one or two snakes (representing Masculine and Feminine forces of the individual,) that follow up the spine from the root chakra all of the way up to the crown, then it flows outside of the body going back down into feet and then into the root chakra to complete its cycle.

This cycle generally occurs when the chakras are balanced and the flow of energy throughout the chakras is open and steady. Sometimes it can be spontaneous too. When this flow happens it is said to bring about a small death (of mind or body, also “Small death is another word for "Orgasm;") or even possibly a “Satori,” a spontaneous FULL awakening.

~ Astral bodies are energy bodies that are used for astral projection and astral traveling, as well as traveling through dreams. This helps us have talks with our guides and loved ones who or not in physical bodies. Astral bodies are an energy body tied to our physical bodies with a chord. Some people see the astral body AS the soul, and not just a part of it. They are a MUST for remote viewing, bi-locating (Being in two places at once,) or accessing most of our psychic abilities.

Now lets look at what I (and others) have found about these systems! A short synapse:

~ Chakras are like an ice cream shop to psychic vampires, narcissists, manipulators, and etheric parasites. They can choose “Green-Apple Grief,” from the heart chakra. “Strawberry suffering,” from the root. “Citrus Sexual trauma and B.S.” from the sacral chakra. Etc. This system splits your energy like a light-prison (instead of prism.) Keeping you from uniting your energy and feeling true one-ness with all of who you are! (And I am not talking about the “new age” idea of Oneness. That is another ideology full of lies and misperceptions that could be a great topic for a future blog post.) Even after spending hours balancing and healing the chakras, it can take only minutes for them to get outta whack again. Also, once someone works with the chakras it rewards them with a euphoric feeling, keeping them coming back for more. This euphoric feeling is really toxins and psychic poisons further brainwashing people and keeping them under control. All three of these systems do it, but the poisons from the chakras seem to be the hardest to undo and can take years before the lies they create start showing up to be corrected. It IS a form of mind control. Most people have 7 chakras, but I’ve seen people with as few as 4 and as many as hundreds. Chakras disperse your energy and keep it separated, and leave an easy “in,” to anyone who knows how to manipulate them. ~ Kundalini is tied in DIRECTLY to the Porn-Vibration, or the Sexual Energy Virus. Everyone is effected by this, even if they aren’t addicted to pornography. The Porn-Vibration is defined by Laura Lee as ,” A power-hungry vibration that desecrates, twists, perverts, corrupts, controls, and devours its host with an ultimate goal to overthrow and annihilate anyone or anything embodying both the Authentic Masculine and Feminine Ray.” (*2) These sneaky snakes leave behind all manners of slime, poisons, and grossness! As with the chakras, the amount of snakes one has is different from person to person. There are also eggs, larva, and sometimes even metallic “beams of light” involved with this system. Kundalini also avoids the heart. It goes around the heart and not through it. For something that is supposed to help us become more compassionate and tap into cosmic wisdom that seems strange doesn’t it? It is different from different literatures, but it normally goes around the heart. Sometimes a Kundalini awakening leaves people traumatized and can even leave burn marks on the bottom of the feet. They don’t balance your Masculine and Feminine energies. Kundalini keeps them opposing each other and never really coming together or working together fully. Kundalini Snakes can only be described as nasty, and are to blame for a lot of peoples misinformation on love, sex, having any kind of healthy relationship, and using our creative and healing abilities. They promote a toxic codependency in all of our relationships and neglect self- accountability. Even for the best healers, these snakes can impact their clients healing if they aren’t removed! Furthermore, when people have sex, these snakes like to trauma dump onto the partners. Causing them trauma and trauma-like symptoms that aren’t even theirs! Screw just regular STDs, but hey, sharing is caring right? ~ Astral / ass-trail bodies are just that! There is nothing in the Astral Realm but a bunch of Ass Souls! Astral bodies are commonly used to abduct people in their sleep too! The abductees can then experiment on you, force you into missions, and battles, or implant false dreams and night-terrors into your head keeping you from getting rest. What’s worse, is this can keep you in a stressed or fearful mindset which makes you easier to control! Your authentic and un-compromised guides do NOT live in the astral realm. Neither do the good Faeries, Dragons, or other benevolent mythical creatures. Neither do your Ancestors or those you love who have crossed (unless they are stuck in a spirit trap!) The astral realm is full of imposters, mimickers, and evil entities that just want your loosh. These bodies only make it easier for nightmares to infiltrate during sleep, taking people out of body, increasing insomnia attacks, and keeping people ungrounded. Astral bodies also lead into all of the extra bodies that aren’t helpful or organic. (We only need one mental body, one soul/spiritual body, and one physical body. All of our perceptions, emotions, and all facets of our life and health are intermingled within these three bodies.) People normally have more then one astral body too. The most I’ve seen is 75, and that person was messed up big time by it!

From what I have experienced personally, and what I’ve seen in others, is that these systems are not only the long way of gaining balance and healing, but are the WORST way and come with many traps and tribulations. More than just what I’ve mentioned. They cause more harm than good and they should NOT be taught as a healthy holistic approach. Especially as THE best, or most accurate and easiest holistic approach.

These systems bring about a euphoric/ drugged, and temporary good feeling when used; and many people get addicted to this high. Most importantly they are tied in DIRECTLY into energy feeding. Looping-patterns of trauma, anger, and stress; being flighty; being out of touch with reality; and an overly inflated ego are some of the common issues I’ve seen with the use of these systems. What’s worse is everyone has them until they are intentionally taken out, even if the person has never done a single chakra visualization.

These systems thrive on keeping people in the energies of fear, pain, codependency, false information, incomplete healing of traumas, “us vs them” mentality, and projecting our insecurities and lacks onto others. Also, to keep us from seeing what is really happening so we can’t make the changes we need to in our lives. They keep the “Blame Game,” alive and twisted so we never find the truth of who IS to blame and how to fix it.

I do know people that swear they have had only good experiences with kundalini, chakras, and astral bodies and I know a few wonderful people that use these systems that aren’t complete jerks. They have told me that these systems were life changing and helped them miraculously heal from physical and mental ailments that doctors said would never change. but that is seriously only three or four individuals, out of the hundreds I know personally who use these systems. And those four I mentioned are heavily indoctrinated into New Age practices including working with angels, sacred geometry, ETs, and more. So they are brainwashed by these systems. Maybe they think they received these benefits from these systems because of the systems intelegence schmoozing them, or a bad Egregor trying to control them into liking these systems or trying to put them in debt to the egregor. Perhaps their authentic and amazing Body Mechanics were just doing their job. Who knows. but they are still kind, people. Intelligent, and more in their power then many I know, so they are still doing what they can to step out of some of the layers of mind control they are under. And we are all under MANY layers of mind control.

I urge people to really feel into it for themselves. Look at your options. Don’t just agree with something because it feels good. Truth doesn’t always feel good! Not at first anyway.

Bold statements Eh? They are not without warrant.

I am not saying that getting rid of the Chakras will automatically make you an awakened being with nothing else to work on and get rid of all of your issues. What Im saying is it really has made a difference for many people, including me.

I was introduced to this concept about these energy systems being corrupted many years ago.

Personally, it took me about four-years time to decide on getting rid of them, although it felt true right away. There is that much interference around these systems! Finally one day I asked my body if the Chakras were useful or good for me in ANY way. I heard my body say, “HELL NO! Get rid of those suckers!” (Which is funny since I had a lot of “friends” and family that used these systems as ports of entry for sucking me dry of my energy and controlling me.)

I did a full “implant removal protocol” and fully took out all of these systems including the overlays, implants, enforcers, bosses, curses, and Forced Agreements, and traps connected to them. I had more then most because of my specific missions here and it took me a while because of that.

At that time I took out these systems all on the same day. I muscle tested through it all making sure that the body and higher-self (which I now know as my Suemah,) wanted it done, and making sure it was done completely. Then I fully uncreated all of these systems. I didn’t just shut them off, they absolutely do not exist anymore for me. I annihilated them!

(The implant removal protocol I used is available for free online. (*3) You don’t need to pay someone to learn this method and it’s quite easy once you’ve done it a few times! If you are guided to seek assistance there are people, including me, that are willing and able to do this work. There are many methods to do this, but I have found this protocol to be thorough and most effective. I recommend getting a session to see if there are threats or anything that could make the removal dangerous or difficult, then again afterwards to make sure that they are gone. Removing these systems is an “Inside job,” and once you complete this it will increase your self worth and trust in your ability to change your life!)

There was a lot that I discovered as I worked at getting rid of the overlays and projections on mine. Once I was done, the energy I felt afterwards could only be described as “Organic,” “Natural,” “clear,” “vibrant,” and, “Neutral.”

At the end of the implant removal protocol I had my avatar and body mechanics repair, and reinstate my authentic and true energy system. I now use 3 energy points. A system called “the infinity star system” or “figure 8 race-track,” since these centers are like stars and the energy goes in a figure 8 from heart, to head, to heart, to loins, back to heart and continues never-ending. In this system, everything goes through the purity center at the heart to be edified, balanced and brought back into greater purity and health. It unites and brings together the soul (Heart- Core Star,) the mind (Head Star,) and the creativity and passion of the physical body (Loin Star.) When done intentionally it is amazing what this Figure 8 racetrack can do!

It is worth while to note here that the infinity star race-track system utilizes plasma energy. Chakras do not. So the body has to get on board and get used to this stronger energy afterwards. This part can take some time, but there are things that can be done to help expedite the process. So far, every person I know of who has done this has had a period like this. They feel good, but different. Sometimes even a little disoriented. And everyone gets amazing sleep after removing these systems too! Total plus!

This removal is normally a simple process, and for me it opened the door to many years of TRUE and AUTHENTIC inner work. Going through things I thought I dealt with but only pushed away or covered up previously. I am glad for this as it’s better to get it out then to hold onto it unconsciously forever. Holding onto ick like that can cause all kinds of issues. And once they aren’t hiding anymore, you can see them for what they are and do something about it! I also used to have extremely vivid and horrific nightmares every night that stopped once I got rid of this troublesome- threesome.

I was very into the new age teachings for years, and those beliefs covered up a lot of the traumas I had. Once I got rid of these false-light systems all of those unprocessed emotions and learned patterns of survival from my upbringing I still had started coming up into view. Although it wasn’t fun, I felt better knowing I was going through it and not pretending like I was okay, when really I wasn’t. I tried for years to fix these issues and the addictions they caused, but nothing worked till I got rid of the chakra, kundalini, and astral bodies; and started really doing the inner work as well as the implant removals, curse reversals, timeline work, and forced agreement revoking. Now I am no longer under their spells! They are no longer my worst nightmare, I became theirs!

After I got rid of the Chakra system and got used to the figure 8/ infinity-star track, I experienced: a drop in interference which affected hearing my internal guidance, taking on negative thoughts/energies from mass (or more aptly called “ass”) collective, a drop in interferences with personal healing and helping others, no more night terrors, a drop in interference with using my personal discernment, and I am now able to ground and stay grounded for the first time since I could remember. (Grounding is another concept that is misunderstood. It is healthier to ground into ourselves and our figure-8 instead of into Guyah, and Guyah doesn’t like it when we ground into them anyway.) I also noticed a lot of the energies I was working with (teachers, Angels, Ascended masters, light beings, etc.) were not of authenticity, integrity and purity. Most of them were still puppets to masters they refused to see, or that they willingly served. It has also gotten easier for me to know when I am getting true guidance versus getting it from any imposters, which imposter guides and intel are much more common then what people realize.

We all still have to keep up on our energetic hygiene, but this energy system is so much easier to work with then trying to balance the chakras. I don’t know about you, but sometimes there was no way to balance those “suckras.” Even when I had big “downloads” and personal shifts that should have at least helped stabilize the healing and balancing. I would wake up 3 hours early each day to mediate on them and they still would go out of balance quickly. I'd do inner work to deal with what was causing the imbalance, take herbs, eat better, do affirmations, etc, and it still would only last for a week MAXIMUM.

I have always been a gifted psychic, energy healer and body worker, but now it is on a whole new level! I still have much to learn, sure. I will never claim to know everything. And I do still have my own issues to work on. I may not be perfect but mind control takes a while to get ingrained, so it takes a while to undo. This is something I have succeeded in time and time again. My power belongs to me, and the BS I’ve been taught to give it away willingly is dissolving with every minute I take to consciously claim my life as MINE and hold myself account for what is my junk! I deserve to be truly healthy, truly happy, truly self ruled, truly loved, and so do you!

I have noticed these same changes in clients and friends who have removed their chakras, kundalini and astral bodies.

Many have experienced less night terrors, a greater clarity on what they want, a greater sense of knowing what they can control, a greater ability to tap into their true power/ magick, true guidance, more gentleness, more laughter, more self governance, and so much more.

In short, from my findings, these old systems are not useful, natural, or organic in any way. They are also more of a hinderance than anything else. I can say with absolute certainty that this is true for every one and everything! Whether a person is willing to hear it or not, chakras are not natural, and many false guides/ false light beings will try to talk you into keeping them. Ask your Avatar, and feel into it. Use your own discernment. I have even remote viewed the past and saw the Annunaki create these systems and "download" them into the new humans they helped to create. The goal was to keep us connected enough to infinite life-force to keep creating, but controlled enough to only create what they wanted. (fear, dread, anxiety, and willing slaves to their will.)

Getting rid of the chakras, kundalini, astral bodies, implants, curses, etc are a personal choice. You must decide what you want. As long as you are authentic and honest with yourself you will always choose what is right for you eventually, just remember that there can be a lot of brainwashing stopping you too. Your life, your truth, your personal unfoldment. That is a beautiful thing to be honored. Heck, you can even put them back in after you get rid of them if you really feel like you need to, although I'd suggest giving it a good long while before putting those old systems back in. Like I said earlier, there is an adjustment period. If after a 12 days you still feel like you need them, maybe get a session with me so we can see what is going on. If after that you still want to recreate them then maybe there is more controlling you, or you might need to discover on your own more codes and intel on those systems before you are ready to fully break ties with them. But I have never had anyone want them back after getting rid of these systems. :) The information is out there for everything if you look. I urge everyone to especially start looking up etymology of commonly used phrased and words, and look into “Green Language.” These are an excellent place to start! Also make sure you get some Aulmauracite rocks and a pendant! That is most important! (*4) The age of nescience is over, we are swimming in information. Use your gut instinct (and google when appropriate,) and see what feels true. Not just what feels good, but what feels TRUE. Take time to breath and feel what your body feels. The cells of your body have your back (literally,) and will always find a way to help you find the truth, even if they have been totally schmoozed and packed full of toxins and junk to work through! And laugh! There is so much to weed through out there. If you don’t give yourself time to laugh you WILL go crazy!

If you read through all of this, or any of it, thank you. If this helps one person even, then it was worth it. If it makes you ask even one question, or makes you question anything about your healing path or helps you find deeper truth and authenticity, then it was worth it!

I am wishing for you all, all of the most magickal and wonderful things! Keep rocking it, and have fun.

With Authentic and uncorruptible and true: UV love, joy, and clear light,

Daniel Flowerdew * ~ *1: 3 articles. All and more are on Laura Lee's website. 1- The Secret Behind the Chakras: 2- The Secret Behind the Chakras part 2: 3- The Kundalini Conspiracy: ~ *2: Found in “Anatomy of the Porn Vibration: What They Didn’t Teach You in Sunday School,” by Laura Lee Mistycah and Hal ~ *3: ~ *4: Buy your rocks here, and go through the other articles and classes here too. and the books are all amazing! :

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Thank you so much for that comment! I am so touched! I am glad you enjoyed this blog post. 💚💚💚

That really inspires me to write more. :)

Thank you lifespirit_7 💚😁🎉


Apr 20, 2023

I loved reading your blog on Chakra Con. I was able to relate to a lot of what you expressed. I found it inciteful and incredibly inspiring to keep learning more of the First Wave Indigos/Knights. You have been so uplifting and supportive without judgment. I am grateful for people like you and Laura Lee, you two give hope and inspiration to keep going with a renewed found LOVE 💕 on life and meaning. Thank You 🙏🏻

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