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Ghost Rescue/ Location Clearing

Ghosts aren't meant to be here and rescuing them will free you too.

Service Description

Can be done at homes, places of business, properties, etc. I do not need to be present at the location to do this work. I have helped people all over the world. If possible, I will give you special rocks to grid the location you want me to work (while supplies last.) I request that you either meet up with me to pick them up, or if you need shipping I would suggest that you get them directly from my source, This is a wonderful website full of amazing information, tools, and tricks. The book "Got Ghosts???" on this website is a book I recommend if you want to learn how to do ghost rescues yourself. The Ghost Rescue and Space clearing session is a flat rate of $150. If within 3 days of the session you are still having "weird shit" issues with the same entities and sensations, I will see what I can do to help; free of charge! If you haven't gotten these "Out of this hologram" Aulmauracite rocks, then get them. Many times these rocks get rid of the issues on their own! I want to help the ghosts and entities go where they need to go, and I want to help you! I can also help to correct lay lines and improve energy flow, and uplift the energy of a place. Great for hauntings, nightmares, feeling like you are being watched, or even the sweet grandma ghost that just needs to go home for her safety too. Ghosts don’t belong here so we are doing a great service by helping them go home. If traveling is requested, there will be a traveling fee but I can do this without having to be present and it does normally make it quicker if I am not there. *Also available over Phone, Zoom, FB Video Messaging, or I can message you the notes of what I did during the session and what I find over text, email, PM, etc.

  • 1 hour
  • 333 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact me 24 hours or earlier. After three no-shows I will ask for a downpayment at the time of scheduling. Thank you for scheduling with me.

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