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Flower Power Massage

Promoting organic growth with Authenticity and Heart.


About Daniel Flowerdew

Massage Therapist,

Intuitive and Energy Worker

Serving the Coeur D' Alene area and online.

I jokingly tell clients that I have been my families massage therapist since I was five years old.
I have been a licensed Massage Therapist since 2018, and have been a psychic/ medium my entire life. I enjoy body work for many reasons. One being that each individual is their own unique puzzle so I always have to keep an open mind with every session. Because of this, I am learning very effective and quick techniques to assist clients. I am learning more and more every day and since I have been doing this since I was a little kid, I have a wide range of knowledge and understanding already.


Relaxing Massage


A gentle or firm touch used to relieve pain, stress, and tension.

I  highly  recommend  Daniel  Flowerdew  for  massages.  Daniel's  techniques  get  to the  core  of  ones  pain.  I  have  been  experiencing  a  better  quality  of  life  due  to  Daniel's "magical  fingers".  So  book  those  appointments  now  before  you  are  on  a  waiting  list!  Love ya  Daniel!



As  a  hairdresser,  my  arms  wrists  and  hands  are  always  tight  and  in  pain. Daniel  knew  exactly  how  to  stretch  them  out  and  get  me  back  to  tip  top  shape!  I  am  so appreciative  for  his  passion  and  talent.



208-699-4822    |

Coeur d' Alene, ID,  surrounding area,
and online.

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